Excavation Services

Most of the pipes on your property are located below ground, where it’s hard to get a good look at them to see how they’re doing. That’s why Flinn’s Rooter Service offers expert excavation services for residential and commercial properties throughout central Virginia. Using modern tools and equipment, we can dig deep underground to inspect, repair, and replace the pipes you have that need service, all while keeping the disruption to your property as minimal as possible.

When Do You Need Excavation Services?

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Flinn’s can excavate the dirt surrounding your broken drain or sewer pipes.

While Flinn’s Rooter Service is able to offer trenchless pipe repair that can be a huge time saver for many homeowners, sometimes you just need to get down to the pipes and fix what’s wrong with them. This is also true for laying new pipes, such as when you’re adding to an existing property or building something new on your land.

Expert trenching gets a team of trained rooter professionals down to where the pipes run and lets us go hands-on with fresh water, sewer, and other pipe systems under your land. Using minimally invasive techniques, we can remove corroded old pipes, repair joints that have worn out, or lay fresh pipes we guarantee for years to come.

Every excavation we do starts with a careful survey of the site to make sure we’re not going to hit a gas or electric lines underground. Then, using modern equipment and trained excavation techs, we carefully dig down to open a trench that’s just as large as we need to get the work done. After we lay new pipe, repair the system you already have, or inspect the system for leaks, we restore the land as close to its original state as possible.

Local Excavators in Central Virginia

Our highly trained and skilled team of rooter techs is fully licensed, bonded, and insured, which lets us offer our excavation services with a full satisfaction guarantee and a warranty on the work that we do for you. Whether you’re calling us for an inspection, new drain excavation or to lay the trenches for new pipe work on your property, we’re always happy to offer free consultations and a no-obligation quote for the excavation services we offer. We even have flat-rate pricing for many of our most popular services.

Drain Excavation From a Local Pro

When you call Flinn’s Rooter Service, you’re speaking to an experienced local pro in plumbing, hydro jetting, video camera inspection, and drain excavation services. We are based in Midlothian, and our service area includes all of central Virginia, including the entire Richmond Metro area. We are state licensed and eager to help you with expert trenching services when and where you need access to the underground pipes on your property. Call us today, or reach out through our convenient online contact form, to get a free consultation about excavation services, and to get a no-obligation quote that we stand by for the job you need to be done.

Other Excavation Services:

  • Excavation services for broken pipes
  • Sewer line excavation
  • Broken drain line excavation
  • Full replacement of sewer pipes

Excavation Services Near You

When pipes break, the simple answer is they need to be replaced. To do this Flinn’s has an excavator machine to dig down to the break.

Service At Your Home

Flinn’s offers mobile excavation services which means we’ll come to you.

Save Money

We’re a family-owned local business. Often times, we’re less expensive than our competitors. Call Flinn’s to see the difference.

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