We Proudly Provide These Plumbing & Rooter Services For Homes & Businesses:

Rooter Plumbing Services

If you have blocked drains, leaking pipes, clogged pipes, or just want to know whats inside your drain, call Flinn's Rooter Service. Your 24 hr rooter service.

Hydro Jetting

Hydro Jetting is the process of cleaning your drain with pressurized water, physically blasting scum, grease, and other build-up off of your drain walls. This is also called hydrojet drain cleaning.

Trenchless Sewer Line Repair

We are a proud installer of NuFlow pipe liner. In fact, we are the only company licensed to install NuFlow in Richmond. This allows us to repair sections or whole pipe systems with out digging.

Drain Unclogging

We can work on any drain in your house or business. That includes kitchen drains, bath sinks, tubs, showers, toilets, washing machines, and sewer or septic lines.

Pipe Repair Services

Flinn's will identify where the break in your pipe is and repair it using Nuflow. This is also called sewer line repair, pipe relining, and lateral pipe lining.

Video Camera Inspection

To get a better picture of your drain, we employ video camera inspection. This gives us a plumbing diagnosis using our drain camera. Sometimes we call it drain scoping so we can check drains for breaks or other issues.

Testimonials from Flinn’s Rooter Service Customers

We let our customers do the talking!

Good customer service and fair prices. I felt respected when talking with Noah and the experience was much better than what we've had some of the bigger local companies.
Shauna Davis
18:15 10 Feb 23
If you want the short version: Flinn's Rooter Service is one of the best customer experiences I've ever had with a service company and I don't hesitate in recommending them.If you want the long version keep reading...We had an amazing experience with Flinn's. They were recommended by another plumber due to the need of special equipment to unclog our main sewer line. We contacted them late in the day and were contacted right back and were able to set something up that night for the very next morning which we were thankful for.Jay came out and began looking at our problem and pointed out a water damage problem the clog had caused that we likely would not have noticed until it had done some pretty bad damage. Jay discovered what the problem was and while we had originally called for a main line clog, he let us know that the problem was likely more isolated which ended up saving us some money in the long run. We really appreciated that honesty versus charging us for work that didn't necessarily need to be performed.The very next day the owner reached out to me via text to see how the issue was going and told me to keep in touch about it. He followed up several times after that to make sure everything was okay and even answered a couple questions that I had. You just don't get that kind of customer service at most businesses anymore. We have full faith in Flinn's and will certainly use their services in the future if needed. Thank you Jay, Noah, and team!
Pete Crockett
16:14 13 Dec 22
I had a slow to drain kitchen sink and Flinn’s was out the next day. Pleased with their work and timeliness.
Patrick Finger
00:01 17 Aug 22
Contacted this service and immediately was contacted back. Two representatives came by our house to investigate the problem which appears to be an eroded cast iron pipe vent drain connected to our washing machine. Their estimate was much more in our price range of what fit our budget that another estimate we received from another company. They wanted several thousand. We are on their schedule for fixing the problem. The owner texted me the following day just to follow-up on the visit and that we are on their schedule for the fix. Everyone I’ve talked to or texted with are so very very nice and willing to work with you. Very genuine folks. No feeling of being taken advantaged of. (Note: my neighbor recommended this company. She had only great comments regarding using them.)
Mag Reys
22:04 06 Jul 22
Julia Hester
16:30 19 May 22

Rooter Plumbing Services

At Flinn’s Rooter Service, we offer all the rooter plumbing services you need when you’re dealing with clogged pipes and drains. Call us for repair, drain cleaning and maintenance 24/7 in the greater Midlothian area to handle emergency and non-emergency plumbing needs.

All our crews are local, and they’re expertly trained, licensed and insured. We show up with all the state-of-the-art equipment needed to handle each job, we give you accurate estimates, and we stand behind our work.

Take a look at just some of the rooter plumbing services we provide:

Leak Repair Rooter Services

Do you have leaks dripping into your basement or running under your home? Leaks may seem like a little problem, but they can become a huge issue quickly. If outdoor pipes or sewer lines break, the leakage can seep under your home and cause real damage. Whether leaks are caused by damage from growing tree roots or because your pipes date back to the mid-20th century, we can help. Call us for repairs, or ask us to inspect your pipes to prevent future problems.

Drain Cleaning

Pet fur. Hair. Grease. General dirt and gunk. All these things flow down the pipes from your bathrooms, laundry room, and kitchen, and over time, they can cause clogs and serious blockages. When your drains back up, you’re in trouble. Call us for the rooter plumbing services you need to clean those drains and get everything flowing smoothly again.

Frozen Pipes

When your pipes freeze, you can experience some major damage that can be costly. Give us a call when you anticipate freezing, so we can help resolve issues before they occur. We have the professional pipe-thawing equipment you need to come through the freeze safely and without plumbing damage.

Sewer Pipe Services

At Flinn’s Rooter in Midlothian, we take great care of your main sewer line. Do you need pipe repair or cleaning? We’ve got your back. Have your sewer pipes become broken or cracked? Are they blocked with grease or other obstacles? Are older pipes starting to corrode, collapsing in places? Do you have roots in your sewer pipes, or are you seeing leakage?

If your answer to any of these questions is “Yes,” it’s time to call us at Flinn’s Rooter Service for the rooter plumbing services that can get the water flowing out of or into your home or business freely.