Drain Cleaning & Drain Clearing

Hair, grime, soap scum, small toys — almost anything can clog a drain. Whether it’s been building up for a while or, in the case of having little ones, clogs suddenly, dealing with a clogged drain can be messy (and sometimes smelly!). Know that you don’t have to deal with it alone. Trust the professionals at Flinn’s Rooter Service to quickly and safely get your pipes draining again.

The Downside to DIY Drain Cleaning

When faced with a clogged drain, your go-to might be a harsh chemical product, a plunger or a home remedy you saw last week on social media. At Flinn’s Rooter Service, we urge you to consider the downside of DIY drain cleaning before attempting it yourself. The possible outcomes can include:

  • Eroded or broken plumbing. Depending on how old your indoor plumbing system is and the material used to make the pipes, certain chemicals can cause pipe erosion which may lead to leaks and more costly repairs.
  • Partially clogged pipes. Sometimes you can make progress with home remedies for clogged drains, but usually they will remain partially clogged somewhere within the pipe system. This means you’ll need to unclog the drain again soon and potentially waste time and money doing so.
  • Broken obstructions. Trying to fish out a blockage can work if it’s near the surface, but if a piece breaks off and falls deep within the pipe it will eventually, if not immediately, lead to a clogged drain.

The risk of damaging your plumbing system increases if you’re performing the job yourself and you have no recourse if additional damage is done. Work with an insured, experienced rooter service to enjoy peace of mind. Additionally, there may be an underlying issue contributing to clogged drains. A professional can spot a concern that you never knew existed. For example, while unclogging a drain there may be a leak or erosion that you didn’t know was there. An experienced rooter specialist can alert you to any causes for concern so you can take the appropriate steps to have them addressed.

Why Use a Professional Drain Cleaning Plumber Service?

A professional drain cleaning service can save you time and money in the long run. Particularly when you can’t lay your eyes on what’s causing the obstruction, it can be impossible to fix the drain yourself. Hiring an insured company means that the problem will be identified quickly, removed professionally and you can return to using your sink or bathtub as soon as possible. Choosing to work with an insured rooter service ultimately provides peace of mind.

Other Drain Clearing Services We Provide:

  • Cleaning clogged pipes
  • Drain jetting
  • Drain snake
  • Fix blocked sinks
  • Improve flow of sink drain
  • Utilize drain camera to see hidden issues
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